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​課程內容  Course Description :

現在學拼音的方法五花八門,但如果想小朋友能開開心心地跟老師互動學好拼音,那Jolly Phonics 就是一個不錯的選擇。Jolly phonics課程分低(Elementary),中(Intermediate),高(Advanced)三個程度專為想學好英語串字和標準發音的孩子而設。透過互動、動作和遊戲他們在沒有壓力的環境下讀英文。


Phonics benefits children by helping them decode English words. If the child can master the basic sounds, they will then be able to decode, pronounce, spell and improve reading ability.

Our course employs the jolly phonics methodology. It is a synthetic phonics programme that teaches the letter sounds in a fun and multi-learning style that has proven to be fast and effective. Individual letter sounds, the vowel digraphs such as /ai/, /ea/, /oi/ are taught. As soon as the letter sounds are known, children are taught how to blend them to read and write words.

Course highlights:

  • Courses may aid in spelling and decoding of words. 課程可以幫助學生拼讀和背默生字

  • Course divided into three levels (Elementary, Intermediate, advanced). 課程分高中低班。

  • Course can be completed in as short as 2 years。 課程能最快在兩年內完成。

  • Increases confidence in reading and speaking. 增加學生閱讀和會話信心。

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