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Company Vision

We aspire to become the premier English learning platform for children and parents of Hong Kong. Our company is rooted deep in the the belief that inspiration, interaction and interest is the key to making lessons fun and effective.

Our Strengths
  • Partnership with British Council and Trinity

Through partnership with British Council and Trinity, we receive the most up to date information and training on their respective courses. Students and parents are also given regular discounts and offers.

  • The Premier syllabus

We have devised a unique English syllabus that caters to all kindergarten and primary school students of Hong Kong which allows them to excel with our support.

  • Our Beliefs 

We strongly believe that Interaction, interest and inspiration are keys to helping children excel in education. We are committed to making lessons fun and interactive whilst inspiring them to better themselves.

  • Right level, right pace

Through assessments, students are then placed to the right level of studying to ensure they maximize their true potentials.

  • A Caring Company member

Apart from education, the company has been involved in promoting benefits for the employees, charity and the environment through the Caring Company scheme since 2012.

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