Interview class
Course Overview

The course aims to teach different interview skills to improve the children’s confidence and fear over speaking English. The course’s aim is to train the student’s creativity, English oral skills and techniques in answering interview questions/p>

Course highlights
  • Improve children’s confidence in speaking English
  • Improve children’s understanding in everyday knowledge
  • Providing situational questions to stimulate children’s sense of moral values
  • Provides a platform for students to interact in English
  • Group interview /one on one interview: Training students by teaching them what to expect and how to tackle different situations.
Cambridge certificate courses
Course Overview

The course aims to equip students with the fundamentals in reading, speaking and listening. The exam is set and designed by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations. The exam is internationally recognized around the world by over 13,000 organisations.

Course highlights
  • Cambridge YLE/English exams are internationally recognized
  • Students taking the test can improve on the four skill sets : Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
  • After completion, students will learn over 1000 vocabularies.
Reading and writing Class
Course Overview

The course aims to improve students’ reading and writing ability through a wide variety of text types and writing genres that can raise their interest in English writing as well as improve in writing skills and styles.

Course highlights
  • Improve student’s creative writing
  • Enabling students to write with logic and in paragraphs
  • Students will be able to write more than what is usually required from schools.
  • Systematically guide students in writing different types of writing genres.
Grammar Class
Course Overview

The course syllabus is based on the Education Bureau’s curriculum and can complement and help student with understanding their school work. Regular mock exams are given to help improve test scores.

Course highlight
  • Improve student’s understanding in grammar
  • Thematic topics revolving around each target grammar term to raise interest
  • Over 1000 page exam practices
Jolly Phonics (K2-P3)
Course Overview
jolly book

Phonics benefits children by helping them decode English words. If the child can master the basic sounds, they will then be able to decode, pronounce, spell and improve reading ability.

Course Content

Our course employs the jolly phonics methodology. It is a synthetic phonics programme that teaches the letter sounds in a fun and multi-learning style that has proven to be fast and effective. Individual letter sounds, the vowel digraphs such as ai, ea, oi are taught. As soon as the letter sounds are known, children are taught how to blend them to read and write words.

Course highlights
  • Course incorporates the element of games to stimulate children’s’ interest
  • Course divided into three levels (Elementary, Intermediate, advanced)
  • Course can be completed in as short as 2 years
  • Increases confidence in reading and speaking.

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